Diplomatarium OP Dacie


Collected and edited by J.G.G. Jakobsen, Centre for Mendicant Studies of Dacia.


The Diplomatarium OP Dacie (DOPD) is a web-published collection of full-text transcripts of sources concerning the Order of Preachers in medieval Scandinavia (i.e. the province of Dacia). The transcripts have been made during my on-going studies of the Orderís medieval Scandinavian history, and eventually they will all be published chronologically on this site. The publication process is, however, still very far from completion. Currently (December 2021), the DOPD contains more than 1,500 individual instances divided in four volumes/webpages, consisting of preserved references from one century each.



Diplomatarium OP Dacie vol. I (1220-1299)






Diplomatarium OP Dacie vol. II (1300-1399)






Diplomatarium OP Dacie vol. III (1400-1499)






Diplomatarium OP Dacie vol. IV (1500+)





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